Soupçon Salon is a member-supported community center for Lambertville, and so much more, located at 37 South Main Street.


2nd Rainbow Coalition "Principled Unity" East Coast tour

Saturday, March 25, 2023 8:00 PM

This is a tour around two books by two authors: Hy Thurman and Kwame Shakur. Hy was a member of the original Rainbow Coalition in Chicago 1968, and since then has helped mentor a new 2nd Rainbow Coalition represented by the other author, Kwame Shakur. The host/Soupcon member Matt Pillischer is a member of both the 2nd Rainbow Coalition and the Poor People's Army, which is acting as a host for this event as well. The event is meant to inspire a multi-racial approach to collective human liberation, speaking of experiences in the 1960s and how it relates to organizing today. They will also have books to sell on hand.