Soupçon Salon has ceased in-person events indefinitely due increases in COVID infection rates in the region. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

How to Help

Welcome to our "living" to-do list. Partners are able to ask the community for assistance with projects, fixing things, or potential bartering arrangements.

Support for Soupcon Comedy

Need some A/V equipment and food for Soupcon Comedy on 7/28 and 8/5

We need some signage.

We need the following signs created and posted: 1. Soupçon Salon sign for the building. (Sue and Henri Dumas are working on this.) 2. Code of Conduct or equivalent signage 3. Information about Soupçon for the front window to summarize our operation and inform potential patrons/partners. (Iris here - may I suggest we have a QR code to scan that leads to our website? I know how to generate).

Fix the Fountain

The fountain pump in the sanctuary is not working and may need to be replaced.

Curate the first art show

We are looking for an individual or group who is willing to curate the first art show at Soupçon Salon.